Ava's Impossible Things. (From the Dir. of Anatomy of a Love Seen)

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    This is shout out to all who loved Anatomy of a Love Seen and actually anyone that wants more good women's films to be made. Director Marina Rice Bader is prepping to make her next film which is Ava's Impossible Things. Please watch this Crowdfunding video Marina made and donate. Donations have been extended to the end of September. I absolutely loved Anatomy of a Love Seen. The first time I saw the trailer, I loved the concept of two women falling in love during a love scene on a film, but was weary of whether it was just an excuse to have two attractive women getting it on. It wasn't. I saw it for the first time a couple months ago and was hooked and so taken by it. All dialog was improvised by the actresses. The lovely Jill Evyn (Mal, who gives the most shuddering and joyous orgasm I have seen on screen) is in this. She is also an amazing fire dancer in real life, which I'm sure she will get to show in Ava's Impossible Things. I think director Marina Rice Bader is a breath of fresh air to cinema. I'm quite excited about this film. Take a look.


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