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    Dear users of AfterEllen,

    My name is Morgan Dun-Campbell. I am the Operations Manager for Author Enterprises. Author Enterprises is a company which empowers authors to become their own independent publishers. Authors retain their own rights and royalties and can earn an income from their work. For further info on company please visit

    Author Enterprises has partnered with The London Magazine to launch a new First Novel Prize. Not only will the winner be published but there are also cash prizes for winner and runners-up. Please see enclosed for further information and submission details.

    Also, I am contacting you about a scheme which Author Enterprises had recently initiated, to help Writing Groups publish collections of short stories written by their members.

    We can help publish short story collections in ebook and print and demand paperback (arranging cover design, formatting, marketing advice and setting up publishing account on Amazon). Groups will retain rights and also all royalties. Amazon pay a 70% royalty on kindle sales. Any paperback sales will also be paid directly into a designated bank account.

    Author Enterprises will charge a flat fee of £500. Should each author featured in short story collection contribute to fee than the cost will be shared and manageable. The word count for any collection should be between 25 and 90 thousand words.

    All we would need from you is a completed, proof-read manuscript.

    As well as providing some marketing advice after publication we would also ask The London Magazine to profile a story from the collection.

    Should you have any questions or wish to discuss things further please let me know and I can arrange for you to speak with our Director, Richard Foreman. Not only should any book help to generate a small income for your writing group, but project should also prove enjoyable and rewarding, as an authorial experience, for your members.

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