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Discussion in 'Movies with Lesbian/Bi Themes' started by rachel11, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Assassin is a movie in the making that needs funding in Spark and Seed... Haven't heard of that site? It's like Kickstarter but not as well known. I only learned about it because of the film needin to be funded. It's an LGBt film about a woman who's an assassin & falls in love with a local woman as she's staying low after a job gone wrong. It looks great with a beautiful actress as the lead.

    I'm always about funding films I want to see. Only 10 more days and it's only 24% funded so it needs help in order to be created.

    To help:

    Watch @Joshua_Caldwell discuss telling an honest #LGBT love story in #AssassinLAX. #betterrepresentation #womeninfilm

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