Asking my best friend out and could she feel ...

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by JinnyBatCat, Oct 24, 2013.

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    :oops: Ever since I realized my sexuality and a while before then even the fact that my feelings towards my best friend isn't just a little girl crush feelings I've been trying to figure out how to ask her out if I tell her on Skype in a email type thing or what and I'm mailing her a box of American goodies because she's polish living in Ireland and she's sent me some treats before, but anyways I know she'd accept me for who I am because I haven't officially came out to her and she is bisexual so it's not like she's straight and I'm just wishing on it, we've said that we'd marry each other and planned out wedding songs because she started that stuff about the same time my feelings towards her became stronger and I don't know if she's joking and just saying it for laughs but I can't say because when she's talking about the wedding songs she's using her excited yet serious voice but I'm debating about writing a full blown out letter to her about my feelings towards her and asking her out then putting it in the box with the goodies but I'm really afraid she was joking and would shoot me down and won't feel the same way and things wouldn't ever be the same but I know she wouldn't be one to just treat me differently after telling me no I'm just really confused and nervous about the whole thing :oops: :? :cry:
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    Re: Asking my best friend out and could she f...

    I love the romantic idea you have, which is to let her know in a letter along with the goodies. You have to consider that if you don't go with your gut, you are always going to wonder. You would be expressing something vulnerable feelings and inking it on paper and sending it to another person. If you are sure about your feelings and that she is someone who will be gentle with you no matter how she feels about dating you, then it is the way to go. Have you met in person? Maybe just a nice note to say what a great gal she is and that you would like to ask her out instead of something more full blown?

    The more protective thing I would do if I am not that sure would be to ask her on skype if she brings up any more flirty stuff. I would say something like, "hey, are you serious? Cause, if you are, I would ask you out. I am serious and very sincere."

    There is nothing more adorable than the way you like someone, I hope it works out.

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