Asian-Thai Lesbian mini-series "Club Friday The Series 8: True Love or Just Hope"

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    Club Friday The Series is a Thai mini-series with different real-life short stories told by on-air phone-in callers of a radio program. The callers told their stories and asked for advice on various aspects from the program hosts. The radio broadcast sessions were turned into a TV series with alterations in details such as names, locations, professions, etc., in order to make it aesthetically appeal to viewers. The main storylines, however, stay true to their originals.Currently, it is on Series 8. Each series tells a different story and is portrayed by different actors.

    In this series 8 entitled "True Love… does it or does it not exist?" Is airing its last episode: "True Love or Just Hope". The story follows the story of Cee (an alias) who called in and told her story last year.

    - Woonsen Virithipa Pakdeeprasong as Cee
    - Paula Taylor Buttery as Kate

    >>English Subtitle<<

    I really love this series and their chemistry
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