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Discussion in 'Movies with Lesbian/Bi Themes' started by Domenic Migliore, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Nov 25, 2013
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    Hi, folks!

    My name is Domenic Migliore. I wanted to share with you all a film I wrote ... Ashley ... a drama about a lesbian teenage cutter and her search to reconnect with her distraught mother and find acceptance.

    Starring Nicole Fox (of "America's Next Top Model"), Jennifer Taylor (of "Two and a Half Men"), and Michael Madsen (of the "Kill Bill" films). Based on the lives of my best friends from high school, it took several years to finally get made. I really hope you like it!

    You can rent the movie right now on AmazonPrime by following this link:

    Please, tell me your thoughts! You can find me on Facebook...

    Thank you so much!

    - Domenic Migliore

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