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    Collaboration hadn't been apart of the plan. I watched the Chinese army sweep through California, Arizona, and New Mexico. It made me sick to watch each fall. I cried when Texas signed over control of the government in Austin. I knew this was only the beginning, that so much was about to change. That the killing had only begun. I knew that if I had any chance of keeping my son and myself alive during this time that I would have to play their game. So I played. I played it better than most of my neighbors. I ate my pride and played by the rules. I also led the largest underground network of Free Texas fighters in the state. It was too soon after the occupation for any large action to take place. Also I knew that unless we had our network connected farther outside of Texas our efforts be without success. The port of Houston was the perfect position to communicate with friendlies outside. While I put this all together I still had to watch the Chinese roundup unfriendly natives during the night and take them out into obscurity.
    How did I get so close to those in command. Many would say it was my winning personality. Others would say that it was my connection to nearly every business in the city. I used every gift God had given me. It came to the point that our blessed new chinaman mayor called on my services almost weekly. I was able to keep my cool when I was forced to witness his "kindness" to my conquered people. I knew the mayor loved doing this only to try and catch a glimpse of my true loyalties. To many who had not a single clue as to what my true plan was I was the worst kind of collaborator. I was spit on and accosted by many but the goods and money I brought in and made available to certain people gave me a certain kind of cover.
    This went on and on. I had acquired storehouses of weapons and ammunition, safe-houses, goods, and a connection that reached nearly around the world. It was during one of my meetings with the mayor that set everything into motion. I was delivering some favorite items personally to the chinaman mayor. He offered a smoke and drink and we proceeded to discuss further items he wanted me to acquire for him. I did my usual song and dance haggling prices and such. He reached for his phone and chatted something in mandarin. I had become used to this. He liked to have a girl or two brought to him while he drank and ended his day. I had found out that these women were chosen from the families of those taken or being threatened. They were forced to be his slave in order to keep various family members from disappearing entirely. The mayor didn't realize that phone call sealed his fate.
    It happened as though time had been slowed to a crawl. I picked up the bottle to refill our glasses. As I had lifted it the door opened and two woman sauntered in. I noticed first her hair. I would have never in my whole life forgotten the thick black mane that I had inhaled on countless occasions. By the time our eyes met and the door closed behind them I had cocked back my arm and sent that bottle crashing against the mayors right temple. I was lucky that the bottle did not break alarming the guards outside. His body went limp and I brought the bottle down again and again against his skull. I had lost all control over my actions. Fueled by buried rage I continued the assault. It was Ana who finally stopped me. With blood dripping from my face I stared into her eyes again. I wanted to cry, crush her in my arms, or ask one of the thousand questions running through my head. Instead I dropped the bottle turned to the previously unnoticed companion who still stood staring at the mayors head looking mortified. "Don't scream."

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