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Discussion in 'Pretty Little Liars' started by Kristana, Jul 15, 2014.

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    I've seen people going back and forth on is Alison a sociopath or just misunderstood(I'm firmly in the camp that she is a sociopath), so I thought I would make a thread for it.
    - One thing you've got to realize before you even start into the debate is that there are two versions of Alison: pre 4.5 version, and post 4.5 version. I don't mean that the Ali we see halfway through season 4 is a more mature grown up person. I mean that they are literally two different people with different story agendas. One of the main themes of pre 4.5 PLL is that basically anyone could have killed Alison. She was a terrible person and she was mean to the point of sadisticness to a lot of people. Somewhere around the beginning of 4.5 they decided that they were going to bring Ali back and make her the fifth liar (That should have been Mona, but I digress). In order to do so they needed to walk back a whole bunch of stuff that Ali did in order to make her a likable person. That's why a lot of the reasoning behind some of her things, and some points in her story, just don't make sense. It's the writers trying to retcon story lines that weren't meant to be used in this way. Ali was a bad person who enjoyed terrorizing people/no, she was being stalked and just trying to protect herself. Ali was a 15 year old that was sleeping around with a bunch of men/no, she didn't actually sleep with them/she had a pregnancy scare/well, let's see what they say about that.
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    I think the retcon of Ali had to be planned from the very beginning becase so far everything (that has been explained) has had an answer. I think the writers deliberately lead us to have a contrived view of Alison because they wanted us to think Alison could be "A". The liars all knew Alison well but even they were surprised at the things they (thought they) were learning about Ali, most of which turned out to be nothing like we (they) thought.

    So I don't agree that the retcon was an after thought. I think Ali was always going to be 'alive-in-hiding' and that she was always meant to be one of A's victims. The liars (we) were easly lead into believing Alison was the sociopath because she genuinely had been a bully. But the two things are nowhere near the same. I think what Mona did to Ali, to make everyone believe she had not changed, could be a mini version of what the real A has been doing to Ali all along - manufacturing evidence to turn people against her.

    Of course Mona doesn't realize she is doing it. She genuinely believes Ali has not changed and that her stunt simply broght out the *real* Ali. But Mona's view of the *real* Ali is broken because of her clear mental illness.

    That being said there is still room for Ali to be the sociopath we all thought she was before the retcon, but as far as I can tell we just don't know.

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