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    Dear AE.
    Okay, so here is the story. Couple months ago I have met 25 year old girl, straight girl with 2 kids. The night I met her, she was out drinking with one of my other friends. We got terribly drunk that night and all I remember is kissing with her all night in a middle of a dance floor for most of the night. Then (surprise, surprise) I ended up in her house and we had sex. She wasn’t one of those bottom girls, she took an active part in it. When we woke up in the morning it was a bit awkward because I know this will sound bad but I didn’t even remember her name. Same thing happened for next couple of weeks and then I haven’t seen her in few weeks and I just kind of thought ‘well, just forget about her.’

    I’ve met her again 2 weeks ago when we were all out drinking and same things happened again. We were kissing on the dance floor all night and then she stayed at mine and things happened. She said that she missed e for those last couple of weeks when we were in bed and all the other cute stuff girls love to hear and when we woke up she got all cute and cuddly which never happened before. I was feeling really bad and confused about what is happening but I didn’t want to bring it up because I was scared how she’s going to react so instead I asked her if she wants to come and join me and my friends for a drink on Friday night and she agreed. On Friday, it was getting late and I asked my best mate if he could message her asking if she wants to come round because I didn’t want to be pain in a&# and we are all friends so I thought it was a good idea. She said that she is coming out and she was out 15 minutes later with us. Few glasses of wine later we were talking and laughing and she pulled me over the table and start to kiss with me not caring about the pub being full of people and our other 4 friends being sat with us. Anyway about 11pm we went home which was the earliest ever we went home together and we started to make out on her sofa and then some of our mates came over, walked in on us kissing and it was a bit awkward but I was drunk so I didn’t care. Then when we were all sat talking she would snog me every time she could not bothering about anyone around us. We would sneak out every now and then upstairs to her bedroom for ‘some fun’ and the other friends clearly knew what we were doing because they were not as drunk as we 2 were. When we were in bed she told me that she haven’t told her best friends that she slept with me but they do know we kissed a lot because of what they seen and heard from the clubs and mock her that we do make a cute couple and stuff like that.

    So my dilemma is, what does she want? Am I only her sex toy for the weekend when she is drunk or what am I? A lot people tell me to talk to her but I don’t want to because I can’t lie, I do like sleeping with her and I want to carry on doing it but it confuses me too much because I don’t know what she is thinking plus I feel like I might be falling for her. We never talk during the week which makes things even more confusing. I don’t know what to do, any advice?
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    Why do you guys not talk during the week? Did you try and and she was not responsive? Sometimes with some people, neither one would take the first step and ask for a proper date and this is the result.

    I am sorry but liquor courage has an expiration date, it only works to break the ice for some things and absolutely dangerous to do anything if you are blind stinking drunk. I would not touch anyone if either one or both of us were drunk and stumbling.

    My first choice in that situation would be simply to ask her for a lunch date and get to know her better. See if she has a time where the kids are in school or something. She'll love you if you are mindful of her obligations with the kids. If she turns you down a lot and don't want to do it at all, then you know what she really wants.

    My second thing to do is on the weekend thing when you see her. Limit or go alky-free. You can say you have a stomach thing and can only go seltzer water if you don't want to feel like a wet blanket. See her with clarity and you will know what you really want.
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    Ask her out on a real date! one one or two drinks tops! How do you even know if you like her? lol

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