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    Here's an unfinished work by me. It's a Captain Marvel origin story.
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    Carol Danvers sat in her wheelchair in her living room looking around. The place seemed alien to her. It wasn't her house on the base. She'd had to move out of there when they discharged her two months ago. For a while she'd been able to do it. To continue going through life. The healing and the therapy gave her a goal, something to focus on. Now that was over and gone.

    She rolled over to the table, and looked at the pictures on it. There was one where she was standing in her flight suit when she was a test pilot. She wasn't standing in front of the plane because the X-64 was still a secret project even though it had failed. The picture next to it was her and her team. As part of Air Force intelligence she been tasked with accompanying a Special Forces team to investigate terrorist threats. There was Wally, Mitchell, Simons,...and Richard.
    (Sporadic gunfire)
    "What the hell? These guys aren't Al Qaeda. Who are they?"
    "Simons is down!"
    "Wally, can you reach him?"
    "Forget it. He's toast."
    "What are these guys armed with? They're wearing some sort of battlesuits."
    "Look out. One of them is coming right for us."
    Carol shook off the memories. It didn't matter anymore. They were all dead.

    She rolled a little further to the last picture. Her Air Force pose photo. She was in dress blues with the flag behind her in front of a faux sky background. She was proud and happy and beautiful. Now she looked at herself in the reflection of the picture's glass. The scars were very noticeable.

    She put the picture in her lap next to her gun, and then pushed herself into the middle of the floor. She picked up the gun and put it to her temple. Her career was over, she'd never fly again, was terribly scarred, would never walk again, and Richard was gone. He was dead. Carol closed her eyes, and flicked off the safety.
    The sound surprised Carol so bad that she almost accidentally shot herself. The knock repeated itself just as forcefully. Carol put the gun back in her lap and pushed herself to the door. It was curiosity more than anything else that made her answer the door. The only person to knock on her door in the last month was Jason, the kid down the street who mowed her lawn.

    She opened the door to see two men standing outside. The man in back was tall, had a military style haircut, and practically screamed security agent. The man in front was of average height, balding on top, and had a fake politician smile. They were both dressed in nice, but off the rack, suits.

    "Can I help you," Carol asked.
    "Major Danvers," fake-smile asked back.
    "Not anymore. It's just Carol now."
    "Can we come in, Carol? We...," fake-smile looked back at big-guy, "That is I, would like to talk to you."
    "I'm sorry, but this is a bad time."
    Big-guy pointedly looked at the gun in her lap, and fake-smile replied, "I think that this looks like a great time."

    "I'm sorry. You want me to run security for your installation...Mr?"

    "Thomas Yonrogg," fake-smile replied. He noticed Carol raise her eyebrow and elaborated. "It's Finnish. And you wouldn't be running all of security. Just the non-secure parts of the installation. The overall base. The civilian housing area. You would receive a house there as part of your benefits package by the way. Everything except for three buildings that would be handled by Marvin here."

    Carol looked over at 'Marvin'. While Mr. Yonrogg had accepted a chair, Marvin stood behind him, and his eyes occasionally swept the area looking for threats. When he had come into the house Carol had noticed that the man was deceptively graceful for someone of his size. He moved in a dangerously smooth way that screamed of intense special training. He wasn't American Special Forces, she was sure. Carol would bet her right arm that the man spoke with a Russian accent. He had to be former SPETSNAZ or OSNAZ.

    "I'm sorry, but in case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly up for that kind of thing," Carol said.

    Mr. Yonrogg made a hand waving gesture. "Not a problem. We'll fix that."
    Carol's mouth dropped open and her eyes bugged out. "You'll...fix it?"
    "Of course we could fix it, Miss Danvers. In fact, we would make you better than new. I think you've figured out by now that we deal in the advanced sciences. Such a thing is possible, but it would be a trifle resource intensive. I suppose you could call it a signing bonus. When you sign on, of course."

    "Of course. And all of this for just running security on your installation?"

    "Well...we know that you have contacts with certain people in higher government and the military."

    Carol felt alarm bells ringing in her head. "If you expect me to influence-"

    Mr. Yonrogg cut her off. "Not at all, Carol. More of allowing us to cut through red tape. Avoid the secretary and get our name on the short list sort of thing."

    Carol frowned. This sounded a little too much like political schmoozing to her, but if they could fix her. If she could walk...could fly jets again.

    "I'm in," she said.

    "Good," said Marvin in a corn-fed Iowan accent.

    Carol lay on a table in a medical room in one of the secure buildings on Installation 459. She had a breathing mask on that completely covered her face so that she couldn't see anything. Mr. Yonrogg had told her that the mask served several functions: to allow her breathe air that was carefully controlled, to keep her breathe from contaminating the room, and to prevent her from seeing what was going on. She thought that the incredible secrecy was getting extremely creepy, and wondered if it was worth it. She could hear the doctors shuffling around and began to have second thoughts.

    Suddenly Yonrogg's voice came over what was obviously some sort of intercom.

    "Carol? Please try to relax. The doctors tell me that the procedure should be relatively painless and minimally invasive. You will be infected with specially developed bacteria that will genetically alter you. It will make you more physically resilient and allow you to heal the injuries that you've already sustained."

    Carol found it a bit difficult to talk through the mask, but managed to respond. "That sounds more than a little experimental and dangerous."

    "If nothing I've said so far has put you at ease yet, Carol, then know that we are investing a lot in you, and we desperately want your contacts. We'll do everything in our power, which is saying something, to make sure you come out okay. Honestly though, I really don't think you have anything to worry about."

    Carol wanted to respond, but she suddenly felt very sleepy. She knew it was anesthesia, but couldn't fight it. In a moment she was unconscious.

    Behind the glass Mr. Yonrogg and Marvin were watching the doctors go to work. Carol would have been very interested to know that the doctors all had blue skin. She would have also been very interested in the words that passed between the two watching her. That is if she understood the language that had been developed more than a million years ago on a planet on the other side of the galaxy that the two were speaking.

    "You are changing her into a hybrid. Half Kree, half human. It's an abomination," Marvin said with more than a little anger in his voice.

    Yonrogg seemed non-perturbed. "Yes, I'll be quite interested to see how this turns out. Some of her abilities will be predictable: unearthly strength and endurance. Healing quite beyond their norm. The question is: what else might possibly develop?"

    "I thought we were here to study the aberrant humans, not create more of them. I question your loyalty to the mission."

    "YOU FORGET YOURSELF, PLUSKOMMANDER," Yonrogg responded. There was now real anger in his voice. "I was chosen to lead this project by the Supremor himself. Do not overstep your authority, Mahr-Vehl, or I'll send you back to the Central Authority for discipling. As for Major Danvers, we'll study her, use her for our purposes, and when she stops being useful, destroy her. Let's burn that bridge when we come to it." Mahr-Vehl raised an eyebrow. "Oh come now, Pluskommander. Study your cultural packet better. If you can't understand the humans' colloquialisms you'll fail at blending in."
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    Carol was making good time as she ran around the compound. Most people would say that she was making unbelievable time. One of the scientists, a woman by the name of Minerva, was observing her and recording her lap time. According to the doctor, Carol was recuperating at the expected speed. Everything was progressing pretty much within the expected parameters. Considering that it had only been two months since the operation and she was running faster than Usain Bolt, Carol wondered what would be exceptional. Carol ran up to Minerva and noticed that Marvin was standing next to her.

    "What's up, Doc," Carol asked.

    "Droll, Miss Danvers," Minerva answered back. "I want to match you against Marvin. The two of you should jog two laps around 459, and then a third one at full speed."

    "Sure," replied Carol. "Are you sure you're ready for this? I feel like I could practically fly." She hadn't been up against Marvin and was ready to test herself. Marvin simply nodded and lined up.

    Minerva hit her stopwatch, and the two launched forward. At first Carol thought that Marvin was running he was moving so fast, but she saw that his stride was paced and controlled. His legs were simply so powerful that he was bounding forward at a phenomenal rate. Carol got herself under control and matched his gait. After a few moments she pulled up next to him.

    "How did your little retrieval excursion go," she queried.

    One of the scientists had gone off reservation, and Marvin had been sent to bring him back. At first Carol had thought that that was a little extreme, but Yonrogg had explained it to her. The scientist was under contract and possessed of extremely important secrets. The company, Ananim, had invested large amounts of resources and capital into the projects at 459, and to have them compromised, or worse sold to the competition, was intolerable. Marvin had been gone two days and just returned yesterday.

    "Tolerably," Marvin replied. The man was nothing if not laconic.

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