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    You haven't really given enough information to say. I mean, it is a trade off between the risk and possible reward for you.

    Part of the risk is - how do you feel about your new found bisexuality? If this girl doesn't take things well and 'outs' you, or shames you, would that really mess up your world? If she was understanding, but 'outed' you (accidentally, or intentionally), would that be an issue?

    When I was first coming to terms with my sexuality, I wasn't ready to come out to the world. So every person that I told there was a risk there.

    I have no idea if she reciprocates your feelings. You haven't said anything that clearly jumps out as 'wow, Ms. Air Force sounds super gay / super into you.' But you haven't said anything that indicates that she isn't, either. And kudos to you for admitting that your feelings for her kinda cloud your perspective.

    If joining the Air Force is really important to her, she is going to do it. If you could potentially be serious about this girl, are you willing to date someone in the service? Basic Training, advanced training, moving, long deployments? It is a big commitment. I respect people who serve (and sacrifice). If she really joins up, I don't think you want to be a year into things going 'I can't handle moving around the country every time you get transferred.' Obviously, if you couldn't handle being a military gf, there is no point in professing your feelings.

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