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  1. chickpea
  2. Shannon1981
    I just randomly returned to AE. Not sure if I'll stay, but it looks like the forums are at least being used again...
  3. Tati Woolf
    Tati Woolf
    wlw is my life. Also Im running out of lesbian films to watch.
  4. Green Beyond
    Green Beyond
    Take your mind for an outing - read. Take your soul for an outing - travel.
  5. Indiana Smythe
    Indiana Smythe jay_bird
    Hey! :D How are you doing? :)
  6. Indiana Smythe
    Indiana Smythe
    Living life, with every rainbow color.
  7. Exo Jazzy
    Exo Jazzy
    Hello all!
  8. Exo Bloke
  9. CGiannetti
    where are all the lesbians?
  10. emily960728
    Love playing the guitar&learning new things. Born and raised in China. Speak Chinese, Korean and English. Hope to find someone special here.
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    2. greylin
      Welcome Emily! Things are a bit quiet here, but maybe you can post in Introductions and advice in meeting women in the forums. You never know, right? :)
      May 23, 2018
  11. Jogabonito
    Anyone else likes crossfit at AE ! I would think all lesbians would like half naked women grunting and moaning and sweating lol
  12. Margaritasamani
  13. mhairigood
    Hey, AE. What's good?
  14. Noelle
    Anyone live in Puget Sound, Washington?
  15. TashNYC
    Join me in NYC on Friday, April 20 6:30 - 9:30 PM. Meet 100s of smart women at the Yale Club Gay women's mixer.
  16. Ginney
    Ginney Sunngirl
    lmao this is why my profile is private :)
  17. chloe pickard
    chloe pickard
    new ,not so confident, like to make new friends
    1. Dawny
      Hi Chloe new today checking things out want to make friends too
      May 6, 2018
  18. Iaanschool
  19. JWright0816
    Tuesday, Lets do this! #workflow
  20. AditiMILAN
    AditiMILAN Hansika
    hey how are you?