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  1. coffeecup81
    coffeecup81 Liv Liv
    Hello! I'm also from the Seattle area. How are you?
  2. Liia
    Are any other people lost in their lives atm? And does anyone find it easier to open up via the bias of the internet than in real life?
  3. AVMcClane
    Consumer of words. Producer of sentences. #amwriting #amediting #lgbtlove
  4. stephen livings
    stephen livings
    I am also a skateboarder in New York City.
  5. stephen livings
    stephen livings
    I am a entertainment journalist and correspondent in New York City.
  6. Liia
    How and where do you find the courage to end and walk away from a 5 year relationship? Because you're clearly not meant to be!
    1. greylin
      It is easy to lose perspective on life and relationships when there is so much noise from everything. Perhaps the take you can have is not so much obligation, guilt and clinging to something that doesn't work. Perhaps it is about learning from it and passing on that knowledge to a future relationship or even others. I have seen you reaching out and helping people on the forums, that is a positive thing.
      Aug 3, 2018
    2. Liia
      I don't know where I stand.. my life is such a mess actually. I love helping others me I'm a lost cause. Things aren't great atm^^ I hope I can help others, thanks Greylin.
      Aug 11, 2018
    3. greylin
      I have met very few lost causes, if at all, so please don't peg yourself that way. Sending you good thoughts.
      Aug 13, 2018
  7. crave4brit
    Just remembered AE so I’m back, anyone from England? Going to Prague end of June, any advise? Traveling alone.
  8. Sophie Walker
    Sophie Walker
    Author of LGBT novels. Lesbian, getting married this year!
  9. Sophie Walker
    Sophie Walker
    Author of LGBT novels :)
  10. Xxanonymous
    Currently confused about my sexuality
  11. anomynous
    If anybody actually still uses wattpad, ya'll should read "Her one His Only". I'm pretty sure the account name is roxywright051
  12. anomynous
    I need more Netflix Romance movies to watch. Any recommendations?
  13. chickpea
  14. Shannon1981
    I just randomly returned to AE. Not sure if I'll stay, but it looks like the forums are at least being used again...
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    2. greylin
      Oh hey there! It has been a loooong time, welcome back!
      Jun 22, 2018
  15. Tati Woolf
    Tati Woolf
    wlw is my life. Also Im running out of lesbian films to watch.
  16. Green Beyond
    Green Beyond
    Take your mind for an outing - read. Take your soul for an outing - travel.
  17. Indiana Smythe
    Indiana Smythe jay_bird
    Hey! :D How are you doing? :)
  18. Indiana Smythe
    Indiana Smythe
    Living life, with every rainbow color.
  19. Exo Jazzy
    Exo Jazzy
    Hello all!
  20. Exo Bloke