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    Well ...

    I've known for certain for ten years that I was gay. Everything seemed to be going fine when a family member begged me to swear on my great grandfather's grave to only marry a man. So, I switched, and it's been horrible. Finally, the vow has been lifted and I can come out. At the age of 31 and I should surely have this figured this out by now.

    It's only been a matter of days but I feel freer than I have in years. I don't know what to do, however. How do I come out? How do I send out gay signals?

    I live in a rural community, I live in a liberal religious community; however, there are some members of my church who believe that homosexuality is a sin (which I know it's not). I want to find someone, I want to be fully out in my church among these people--I want to figure this out.

    So, any sort of advice for my very bizarre story?


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